Improved quality and value as it significantly increases crop quality, quantity and nutritional value.

Equipment friendly as the High-analysis Broad-spectrum formulation means it is immediately dispersed when mixed in irrigation systems.

Environmental conditions are handled better because it gives the plant more energy to deal with stresses associated with inadequate rainfall, changing weather patterns, variations in soil, pests and other external conditions.

Stronger plants to resist disease as plant and crop safety is ensured by investing greater strength to the plant so that infection from disease and handling can
be resisted.

Precise method of application gives the ability to feed plants frequently and in managed doses.

Matching of nutrients to the crop's physiological growth demands is easier.


Specialised Product for Furrow Injection

Grow King Potassium is a high quality irrigation product. It injects the solution in an efficient manner to improve the availability of phosphate, potassium and other essential trace elements to germinating seeds and for seedling establishment. Field trials have shown improved visual performance of crops treated this way, and yield increases have been demonstrated in many crop types. Furrow injection improves both the supply and availability of nutrients in the rhizosphere of the seedling, especially where alkalinity of soil has reduced the availability of nutrients in the developing root zone.

The Importance of Potassium

Potassium contributes to soil fertility by maintaining favourable soil pH. This in turn is essential for microbial activity as crop residues are converted to organic matter and nutrients are made available to the plant. Soil structure and water holding capacity are also improved with adequate potassium. Soil acidity can restrict crop growth due to increased presence of harmful concentrations of other elements such as iron, aluminium and manganese.

Potassium Deficiency

Potassium deficiency is a common plant disorder often caused by soil types and conditions. Plants require potassium for the performance of vital processes
and functions.

An Alternative way to Protect during Transplantation

Grow King Potassium is a high quality solution, easy to mix, quick to disperse and friendly on irrigation equipment.


One of the most common potassium deficiency symptoms is scorching or firing along leaf margins. Since potassium is mobile in the plant deficiency symptoms appear on older leaves first. Potassium-deficient plants grow slowly and develop poor root systems. Stalks are weak and lodging is common. Seed and fruit are small and shrivelled, and crops show lower resistance to disease and moisture stress. Plants deficient in potassium are sensitive to disease infestation and have poor yield and quality.