How it Works in the 'Free Space'

Grow King Nutrient Charger ensures that the stored essential macro and micro nutrients stimulate and maintain healthy new plant growth during the sensitive period of plant establishment. This is a time when there is a high demand for essential nutrients. Roots, stem cuttings and other vegetative tissues have large 'Free Space' in the form of inter-cellular space, xylem cavity and air space (as with spongy tissues) that have a good capacity to store nutrients. By treating plant parts with Grow King Nutrient Charger it impacts on the loading of living cells as well as Free Space nutrient
storing compartments.

An Alternative way to Protect during Transplantation

The complete nutritional feeding provided by Grow King Nutrient Charger improves the growth and establishment of healthy plants. It offers a perfect replacement for any alternate fertiliser feeding program during the delicate period of seedling or
tree establishment.


Dipping and soaking plant parts such as stem cuttings, root cuttings, tubers, bulbs, corms, rhizomes, runners, stolons and suckers. They all benefit.

Dipping of seedling roots before transplanting with crop types such as tomato, celery, lettuce, capsicum, melons, eggplant and the entire range of brassicas. They all benefit.

Fertigating fruit trees or seedlings after transplanting because it is a ready-made complete nutrient food to irrigate the seedlings of vegetable and flower stock. It is also beneficial for vines, berries and all nursery plants.


Air spaces are replaced with essential nutrients which increases the power to generate better root and shoot development.
Transformation from bud to the new growth takes place quicker when the nutrient demands of growing tissue are satisfied.
The formation of stronger and healthier new growth occurs because nutrient balance is achieved before roots become functional.
Reduced dependence on soil nutrients during the early stages of establishment and growth.
Increased success rate because of rapid growth, thereby reducing
disease pressures.